about us

Office Te-Zet accountants were founded in 1993.

The directors of the company are:

  • Anna Tomczak - tax adviser nr 00965
  • Paweł Tomczak - tax adviser nr 00981
  • Krzysztof Zarzycki - tax adviser nr 00980

We employ 18 qualified employees who manage the books of our clients.

Currently we are advising more then 200 companies representing manufacturing, services and trading as well as companies with foreign capital.

We are fully insured.

We maintain complete professional confidence.

We have our personal legal advisers.

Our aim is to meet all the requirements of our clients and to provide friendly and professional service.

Coming soon!

We are preparing a communication platform in which the individual customer, after logging in, will access to his own financial data and documents prepared by the office, located in the system.